NDMC urges precautionary measures against heavy rain

Heavy rain damages roof tops in L. Fonadhoo on April 20, 2019. (Photo/Twitter)

National Disaster Management Center of Maldives (NDMC) urges the citizens to take precautionary measures against heavy rain.

In the press conference held this Sunday on account of the heavy rain fall for areas of Maldives, Deputy Chief executive of NDMC Moosa Ikram stated that the rainfall is not out of ordinary and that the rain is due to the start of Hulhangu (South-West) monsoon.

“We urge the citizens to take precautionary measures against heavy rainfall and windstorms. Specially if your house is in area of marked to get heavy rain. Use sand sacks to stop the water flow into the houses due to flooding,” stated Umar.

Umar also urged to tie the dingy boats and launches in the jetty area securely and keep the things in construction areas that can be swiped away with strong wing securely tied or moved to a safer place.

“These things will not only damage the buildings. These will put people in danger. So, it is our national duty to look after each other and take precautionary measures to keep everyone safe,” stated Umar during the press conference.