A total of 74 ballot boxes to be recounted

PNC and MDP candidates Ahmed Saeed and Ibrahim Falah who ran for the Maavashu constituency seat in the PArliamentary Elections of 2019. (Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Election commission has decided to recount 74 ballot boxes of the Parliamentary elections held last Saturday, on account of complaints received to the government.

They are 69 boxes from Maavashu constituency, one ballot box from Maamigilli constituency and 4 boxes from Maduvvari constituency.

The ballot of Maavashu constituency from boxes in L. Kunahandhoo, N. Kendhikulhudhoo, Male’ and Hulhumale’ and three ballot boxes of Maamingili Constituency in A. Dh. Maamigilli were recounted, this Tuesday night.

The recount of Maavashu constituency ballot boxes resulted in MDP's Ibrahim Falah getting an additional vote while PNC’s Ahmed Saeed's results remained firm, bringing the difference to five ballots – 353 votes for Saeed and 848 votes for Falah.

Incumbent MP for Maavashu constituency, Ahmed Azhan Fahmy who got 650 votes on Saturday, won one additional vote after Tuesday night's recount. The outgoing MP from Jumhoory Party ended up third in the race.

The recount of Maamingilli constituency ballot boxes resulted in Qasim Ibrahim getting additional 64 votes and MDP’s Ali Ameez gaining additional 45 votes. The interim result shows the difference of ballots between Qasim and Ameez as 99 votes.

In addition to the boxes mentioned above, 4 ballot boxes of R. Maduvvari constituency. Interim results of Saturday’s elections show PNC candidate and former Defense Minister Adam Shareef as the candidate with the most number of votes.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate Adam Shiham, came to a close second with a difference of 17 votes.

PNC candidate Shareef received 851 votes while the MDP candidate Shiham received 851 votes. Incumbent MP for Maduvvari constituency, Mohmed Ameeth received 488 votes, making him the third in the race. Independent candidate Hussain Shiham, who ended up fourth in the race for the constituency’s seat on the Parliament received 387 votes and the MTD candidate Abdulla Yameen Rasheed received a total of 115 votes. The number of invalids votes in this constituency is 65.