5th executive meeting of SAWEN has commenced

From the launching ceremony of the 5th executive meeting of SAWEN. (Photo/Ministry of Environment)

Fifth Executive Committee Meeting of South Asian Wildlife Enforcement Network (SAWEN) has commenced.

The meeting was launched by the Minister of Environment Abdulla Naseer in a ceremony held in Champa Hotel this Tuesday. 

Ministry of Environment stated that all the member countries of SAWEN will participate in the meeting with all the focal points and discuss the actions taken in the previous year. Decisions taken during the previous years of SAWEN will also be discussed and revised, if needed. 

SAWEN meeting are always held in one of the SARC (South Asian Regional Corporation) countries.

SAWEN is a regional inter-governmental wildlife law enforcement support body.

The main aim of the Network is to work collectively as a strong regional inter-governmental body to combat wildlife crime by attaining mutual goals and approaches for combating illegal trade in the region.