Allied, STELCO adopt State’s 6-month paid maternity leave policy

Staff of Allied Insurance pose for a picture to mark Women's Day 2019. (Photo/Allied Insurance)

Allied Insurance and State Electric Company (STELCO) have adopted the State’s new regulation for granting six months of maternity leave and one-month paternity leave.

The new regulation allowing six months of paid maternity leave and one month of paid paternity for civil servants took effect on March 7.

Many State-owned companies have followed suit and adopted the regulation; including State Trading Organization (STO), Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) and now Allied Insurance and STELCO.

Civil servants who wish to apply for maternity leave are required to submit a medical certificate or other such document issued by a registered health professional stating the estimated date of delivery.

Maternity leave will begin from the date of delivery stated in the document and last six months (including weekends and public holidays).

Expectant mothers who are unable to attend work due to poor heath will also be granted a 28-day no-pay leave by submitting a medical certificate or document issued by a registered health professional.

Civil servants will receive an initial three-day paid paternity leave (including weekends and public holidays) from date of delivery, and another 27-day paid paternity leave (including weekends and public holidays) from date of delivery to until the child is seven months of age.

The amendment to the Civil Service Regulation allowing the changes have been published on the Government Gazette.