Ayady Takaful open application for surplus distribution

Officials from Ayady Takaful at a press conference. (Photo / Ayady Takaful)

Allied Insurance’s Islamic insurance window – Ayady Takaful opened application for 2020’s surplus distribution on Monday.

In Surplus distribution, the underwriting surplus and investment income are shared between the takaful operator and participants at the end of the certificate period, following an agreed sharing ratio.

According to Ayady Takaful, individuals will be eligible for the surplus if they opted for any of the set services but have not made any claims during the surplus period.

Furthermore, the company revealed that they will be taking applications for surplus until 1600 hrs on January 13, 2023.

Those interested in applying to download the application form online, or can even get it from the front office of Ayady Takaful.

In addition to this, request to take part in the distribution can be made through the “MyAllied” online portal.

In 2019, Ayady Takaful announced a record amount of MVR 1.52 million as its surplus distribution for 2019.