Toddler hospitalized with extensive burn injuries in G. Dh. Atoll

Three-year-old boy from G. Dh. Gadhdhoo sustains extensive burn injuries on March 2, 2019. (Photo/Social Media)

A three-year-old boy from G. Dh. Gadhdhoo has been hospitalized with extensive burn injuries at the Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital in G. Dh. Thinadhoo.

The family reports the toddler sustained the burns this Saturday morning from spilling hot tea on him.

Aishath Sheeza, who is in charge of running the Gadhdhoo Health Center reports the toddler was brought in to the center at 8:30 am. She said the center did not have the medicine to treat the boy, and was transferred to the Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital in Thinadhoo.

A family member who spoke to ‘Sun’ said the toddler had to remain at the Gadhdhoo Health Center for over two hours without any treatment due to lack of medicine in the island.

He was transported to Thinadhoo at approximately 11 am.

“And there was no one at the counter. The staff at the counter went to have breakfast. I think the person in charge [of the health center] is on leave. The child had to wait about two hours without any treatment and was transported to Thinadhoo once Aashandha insurance services were approved,” said the family member.

“The problem is, there is no treatment available from the health center for such an injury.”

The current condition of the toddler is unclear at this point, but Gadhdhoo council member, Abdulla Ameer, reported from Thinadhoo that the toddler is receiving treatment from Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital.

He confirms the burn injuries are extensive.

In-charge of Gadhdhoo Health Center, Sheeza said neither the center, nor the STO pharmacy on the island had any medicine to treat burn injuries. But said the center provided basic medical treatment to the toddler.

Sheeza said the last shipment of medicine the center received was in February. She said the medicine had since run out, and expressed concern over the low quantity of medicine the center receives.

She said the center’s low stock of medicine has been brought to the attention of relevant State authorities, as well as to the attention of Vice President Faisal Naseem during his recent visit to the island.

She said the issue is yet to be resolved.

Sheeza noted that the boat, Ravaana, which recently capsized, had a shipment of medicine to the health center. She said the loss of the medicine and the shortage of medicine at the health center was deeply concerning.