MWSC launches 24-hour operations, new hotline

Managing Director of MWSC, Adam Azim speaks during the press conference by MWSC on February 28, 2019. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

State-owned Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has launched 24-hour operations and a new hotline for customers to share their complaints.

The changes were announced by Managing Director of MWSC, Adam Azim, during a press conference this Thursday morning.

Azim announced that customers will no longer face the inconvenience of being unable to contact the company.

“Customers will no longer face any barrier in contacting the company. I believe equal services should be available to all irrespective of station of life or any other difference,” said Azim.

“We have established the [hotline] number 105. This company will provide its services to any citizen who calls this number,” he said.

Azim announced the company’s teams will be available round the clock to resolve any issues faced by customers.

“Teams will be available 24/7. Complaints submitted by calling 105 will be immediately attended to and resolved,” he said.

MWSC’s new MD, Azim said the company will also attend to complaints it receives to its official Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Azim, during the press conference, also addressed the issue of sewage leaking out into the streets of Male’ City, especially during heavy rain.

He said that the city’s sewage pipe network hadn’t been cleaned in the past four years. And said a special division had been established to address and resolve the issue.

He said the same division will attend to complaints the company receives of clogged sanitation systems at households.

“A new division has been established and is in operation to address issues with sewerage,” said Azim.

Azim said the division will conduct nightly cleanups on the city’s sewerage pipe network, as well as an annual thorough cleanup of the network.

“Our target is to establish more teams and conduct bi-annual cleanups of the entire network,” he said.

The current sewerage network in Male’ City is designed to accommodate only 100,000 people.

Azim noted that there are currently 150,000 – 200,000 people living in the city, and that the sewerage network therefore required an upgrade to accommodate the increase in population.

“We are going to establish four more pump stations at the industrial zone and design it so sewage which flows in from other areas bypass there. We estimate the project will be completed within one year,” said Azim.

The estimated cost of the upgrade is MVR 50 million.