Police search for witnesses of hit-and-run near Senahiya

The area near Senahiya Hospital which was the scene of a hit-and-run on February 12, 2019.

Maldives Police Service has asked for anyone who witnessed the hit-and-run near Senahiya Hospital last Tuesday to come forward and share the information with the authority.

The hit-and-run was reported at 6:24 pm last Tuesday and has left a woman in critical condition at the ICU of ADK Hospital.

Maldives Police Service reports that two people had been on the zebra cross near the Senahiya Hospital when a car sped by without stopping. The car had hit one of the two people, who collapsed on top of the other – resulting in the latter – the woman in intensive care – hitting her head on the ground.

“We asked anyone who witnessed this to call the police and share the information,” said MPS.

Witnesses can contact Traffic Police at 9660183 or 3322111.