Police investigate after elderly man assaulted, spit on

Screen grab from the video of assault on an elderly mentally challenged man in Hithadhoo, Addu City. (Photo/Twitter/@nautymatox)

Maldives Police Service has launched an investigation following the assault on an elderly mentally challenged man in Hithadhoo, Addu City.

The video of the assault broke over Twitter last Saturday.

The incident took place at a tea hotel where the elderly man was sitting at a table with three other companions.

The video shows another man who was standing nearby exchange words with men at the table, and the man suddenly waving his fists at the elderly man and spitting him on the face. The elderly man is seen rising from his seat waving his fist and spits the man who attacked him. The spit did not hit the attacker who is seen repeatedly spitting and assaulting the man as he walks behind the cashier’s desk at the hotel.

The incident took place in front of three other men, and an expatriate cashier at the hotel – none of whom were seen making any move to defend the man.

Both Minister of Home Affairs, Sheikh Imran Abdulla and Acting Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed were tagged in the tweet, which appealed for authorities to take action against the attacker.

Hameed has responded to the tweet, and confirmed the case is under investigation by the Addu City Police.

Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services, Shidhatha Shareef has also expressed outrage over the assault, which she called ‘unacceptable’.

She has pledged to urge proper action against the attacker.