Man breaks leg in Hulhumale’ highway collision

File photo of a traffic collision at the Hulhumale' highway. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Shafeeu)

An elderly man has been admitted to the Hulhumale’ Hospital after sustaining injuries in a collision at the Hulhumale’ highway this Wednesday afternoon.

‘Sun’ has been informed the collision involved a van and a motorcycle.

The injured party is the person on the motorcycle – identified as a 61-year-old man.

Senior PR Officer of Aasandha Company, Ashiya Solih reports the man was brought in at 2:55 pm in a police vehicle.

The man has a broken left leg, with a fragment of bone breaking through the skin.

This is the second traffic collision to take place in Hulhumale’ this Wednesday.

The first one took place in Nirolhumagu and involved a car which attempted to switch lanes and hit nearby vehicles. Two people sustained injuries in the accident while an eight-year-old child on the backseat of one of the vehicles hit was treated for psychological trauma.

The Sinamale’ Bridge and the Hulhumale’ highway are particularly accident-prone locations. Both Transport Authority and Maldives Police Service have urged road discipline and use of helmets.

New regulations making helmets compulsory on the bridge, highway and Male’ City ring road will take effect on March 10.