Maldivian: New low-cost fares available at three times the quantity

Communications and PR Manager of Island Aviation, Moosa Waseem at a press conference by Island Aviation on January 10, 2019.

The new low-cost fares announced by Maldivian for domestic air travel is available for three times the previous quantity, reports the airline.

Island Aviation – which operated the national airlines, Maldivian – reduced its fares for domestic air travel this January. Tickets at the new fares were made available this Thursday.

Speaking during a press conference held by Island Aviation this Thursday morning, the company’s Communications and PR Manager, Moosa Waseem, announced the company is committed to ensuring as many Maldivians as possible are able to ensure the new low-cost fares.

 Male’ - Hanimaadhoo - Male’

 MVR 1,160 and MVR 2,226

 Male’ - Ifuru - Male'

 MVR 1,500 and MVR 2,056

 Male’ - Dharavandhoo - Male’

 MVR 1,098 and MVR 1,562

 Male’ - Kudahuvadhoo - Male’

 MVR 1,500 and MVR 2,056

 Male’ - Thimarafushi - Male’

 MVR 1,610 and MVR 2,226

 Male’ - Kaddhoo - Male’

 MVR 1,610 and MVR 2,226

 Male’ - Kooddoo - Male’               

 MVR 1,652 and MVR 2,442

 Male’ - Kaadedhdhoo - Male’     

 MVR 1,652 and MVR 2,442

 Male’ - Fuvahmulah - Male’        

 MVR 1,698 and MVR 2,598

 Male’ - Gan- Male'          

 MVR 1,698 and MVR 2,666

“The two previously costliest fares have been annulled,” said Waseem.

Maldivian previously also had discounted fares, but many had complained about the insufficient quantity of discounted fares available from the airlines.

Maldivian previously provided assurance the airline will not compromise the quality of its service to make up for the reduction in its profit from lowering its fares.

The airline also announced it plans on providing refreshments to passengers on its flights.