Minister: Teachers assigned to all schools; ready for academic new year

Minister of Education, Dr. Aishath Ali at the press conference by Ministry of Education on January 10, 2019. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Teachers have been assigned to all public schools in time for the beginning of the academic new year next Sunday, says Minister of Education, Dr. Aishath Ali.

Speaking during a press conference held by Ministry of Education this Thursday morning, Dr. Aishath said teachers will begin educating at their assigned public schools on Sunday.

“There are some foreign teachers who have yet to arrive in Maldives. They have started arriving in Maldives now. Everything is set for Sunday,” said Dr. Aishath.

The new school in Hulhumale’, Huravee School will have one session, and will also open on Sunday, said the Minister.

She said the students will receive all their text books on Sunday.

‘Text books will be issued as per schedule on January 13. Activity uniforms will also be available on time. And students can also wear their previous activity uniforms,” said Dr. Aishath.

Ministry of Education is also scheduled to launch its pilot breakfast program at 25 public schools across Maldives.