Owner of Novelty, Ali Hussain passes away

Maldivian businessman and owner of Novelty, Ali Hussain. (File Photo)

Maldivian businessman and owner of Novelty, Ali Hussain has passed away.

Employees from Novelty report Ali Hussain had not been seemingly in good health, and was even seen working at the office last Tuesday night.

He passed away a little after 8 am this Wednesday.

He has reportedly not complained of any pain, except for some minor discomfort before passing away.

Ali Hussain started his civil service career at the office of former Prime Minister and President Ibrahim Nasir.

He entered the business of publishing over a half-a-century ago. And has been instrumental in enriching the library of Dhivehi literature and books, including re-publishing and distributing old works of Dhivehi literature and history.

He also complied and published the ‘Dhivehi Adheebunge Dhuvasvee Liyunthah” series made up of works by old Dhivehi writers and the ‘Reethi Lhen’ series made up of works by old Dhivehi poets.

Some of his notable contributions also include the ‘Dhuththanaai Ivunu Aduge Handhaan Huri Bai’ and ‘Dhivehi Digest’.

Famed Dhivehi writer Abdulla Naeem Ibrahim had the following words to describe Ali Hussain:

“Ali Hussain serves as an example to all writers. For instance, noting down things before it fades from memory. Reading works of Dhivehi literature. Ali Hussain does not spend one day without reading a book. There is not one work of Dhivehi literature Ali Hussain has missed. Next, writing straight from the heart. Most writers write from hand. But Ali Hussain wrote from his heart. This is evident from his work. From Ali Hussain’s works, you see true Dhivehi language.”