Each island to have a website for historical landmarks, artifacts

The Hukuru Mosque at R. Meedhoo: The historical landmark is on the Tentative List of World Heritage Sites. (File Photo)

Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage has announced the decision to establish special history and heritage centers in each island and ensure information on historical landmarks and artifacts is available from websites of every Maldivian island.

Speaking in an interview to the PSM show Raajje Miadhu, State Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage, Mohamed Toriq said it was the goal of the ministry to ensure websites of every Maldivian island has all information regarding the islands, including its historical landmarks and artifacts.

Toriq stressed that historical information of Maldivian islands should not be locked away in the national archives.

“Someone who wishes to obtain information, for example, regarding the Maabudhuge at Landhoo shouldn’t have to come to the Heritage Department of the ministry. The information should be available from the Landhoo website. The information that original artifacts found from the Landhoo Maabudhuge area can be viewed from the National Museum,” said Toriq.

He said the ministry plans on protecting and maintaining historical landmarks and artifacts in Maldivian islands and establishing centers to disseminate information on such sites and items, and creating copies of historical artifacts kept at the National Museum for display in islands of its origin.