Addu Council: 50 percent of the houses affect by flood

Water being drained out of a house in Addu City. (Photo/Faisal Ibrahim - Addu City Council)

Addu City Council has said that has said that 50 percent of the houses in the city was affected by the flood due to the heavy rain.  

The flooding on the streets have caused water in to some of the houses in MaradhooMaradhoo-Feydhoo and Hithadhoo due to nonstop rain from last night to this morning.  

A house in Addu City affected by the flood. (Photo/Faisal Ibrahim - Addu City Council)

Mohamed Saudee of the Addu City Council told Sun Media that 50 percent of the houses were affected by the flood but only a few houses sustained major damages with two houses from Meedhoo, two houses from Feydhoo and two houses from Hithadhoo 

MNDF sis now working to control and divert the flooding in FeydhooMaradhoo and Hithadhoo