‘Drug’ package washes up the shore of Molhadhoo

Package, believed to contain narcotics, which washed up the shore of H. A. Molhadhoo on June 2, 2018. (Photo/Reader contribution)

A package, believed to contain narcotics, has washed up the shore of H. A. Molhadhoo.

The latest discovery comes after another package, believed to contain narcotics, washed up the shore of H. A. Uligam on Thursday night.

The package was discovered on the shore of Molhadhoo by two local women at approximately 7 am this Saturday.

Molhadhoo Council says the discovery was reported to the H. A. Ihavandhoo Police, and that the team from Ihavandhoo which arrived in Molhadhoo to investigate the case discovered one more such package.

President of Molhadhoo Council, Mohamed Nisham, who spoke to “Sun” said both packages have been taken into custody by the Ihavandhoo Police.

Maldives Police Service confirmed the discovery of the packages, but refused to disclose any details.

The packages are believed to have been transported on the Iran boat which wrecked on the H. A. Innafinolhu Reef on Thursday morning.

“Sun” has been informed there were eight people on board the boat, all Iranian.

One of the young men from Uligam who discovered the boat in distress on Thursday morning said none of people on board the boat called out for help. And that they torched the boat and jumped overboard when they saw the Coastguard approach.

“The eight people jumped into the water. The officers gave them lifejackets and boarded them into the military speedboat,” said the young man.

The Maldives Police Service searched the section of the boat undamaged in the fire, and discovered narcotics.