MIU offers scholarship to third place of Al Noorul Mubeen Quran Competition

Chancellor of MIU, Dr. Shaheem (R) presenting the scholarship for the third place winner of Al Noorul Mubeen Quran Competition, Ashraq Nazir on 29 May 2018 - Photo: MIU

Maldives Islamic University (MIU) has offerred a scholarship to the third place winner of the first ever international Quran recitation competition in the Maldives, a local, Ashraq Nazir. 

Ashraq, a student in MIU's Bachelors of Teaching Quran with Honors program, was awarded a tuition fee scholarship by the Chancellor of the MIU, Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed. 

At the ceremony today, Dr. Shaheem said that Ashraq's win at the Al Noorul Mubeen Quran Competition was an honor to the MIU and the entire country. And said that the he believes MIU students will achieve more honorary successes in the future. 

From taking part in the school and island-level Quran recitation competitions, Ashraq took part in his first national competition in 2006. He has taken part in the national competition every year since and won first place in his category. 

He has also represented the Maldives in an international competition held in Malaysia in 2012. 

The first place winner of the Al Noorul Mubeen Quran Competition, orgnized by the Islamic Ministry, National Center for the Holy Quran and PSM upon the invitation of the President, was won by the Kuwait recitor, Abdulla Mohamed Al-Hayyaath. 

The second place was won by Hameed Afshaar Gurja of Turkey.