Saeed: No one allowed to charge more under new regulation

Economic Minister, Mohamed Saeed speaking at the inauguration of the Hiyaa project - Sun Photo: Mohamed Afrah

Economic Minister, Mohamed Saeed has said that new change to the regulation of carrying cargo would not allow any party involved to charge more and doing so would be illegal. 

In response to the media reports that the change to the cargo carrying regulations is going to bring a change to the prices, Minister Saeed said that they would not be allowed to do so. 

Minister Saeed said that if workers clearing cargo are going to raise their price, the government would facilitate a way for businesses to do so on their own. And if a solution couldn't be found that way, arrangements would be made so it can be done via a government company. 

The Economic Minister said that the government would not just stand by if any citizen is neglected in rights or if the prices are going up and this government would step in accordingly. 

Similarly, Minister Saeed said that if truck drivers are going to raise their prices, the truck queue at Customs and open the service to the public. He said that the government wants to help the public and a hotline will be established very soon to report such things. 

Economic Minister said that the changes were brought after an extensive research and discussions with businesses and even if it difficult in the beginning, things would become much easier later on for everybody. 

Minister Saeed said that this government has resolved 40 years of public difficulties in 4 years and the crowding issue in the capital would be resolved very soon as well. 

He said that the government has a solid plan to resolve the crowding issue and the issue would be resolved completely in the future.