Suood suspended from practicing law at Criminal Court

Attorney Husnu Suood. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afrah)

Former Attorney General Hunu Suood has been suspended from practicing law at Criminal Court.

The Criminal Court says Suood was suspended in response to comments he made to media regarding hearing held at the court for the obstruction of State charge against Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed on March 18. The court said his comments had the potential to create a negative perspective regarding the court among the general public.

Suood is Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed’s attorney.

Criminal Court said Suood used local media to influence the case.

The court said Suood supplied media with false information which could create hatred towards its judges and tarnish the reputation of the court. It said Suood failed to comply with a summons sent by the court over the issue, and passed up the opportunity to answer to the allegation.

Suood was suspended in reference to Article 3.2 (a) and (n) of Regulation for Attorneys-at-Law Practicing in Maldivian Courts.

He has been suspended pending the outcome of Chief Justice’s obstruction of State trial.