Suood resigns from DDCom

Husnu Al Suood: He resigned from the Disappearances and Deaths Commission (DDCom) on December 8, 2019. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Muzain Nazim)

Husnu Al Suood, who secured parliamentary approval for appointment to the Supreme Court last Saturday, has resigned from the Disappearances and Deaths Commission (DDCom), on which had served as the chairperson.

President’s Spokesperson, Ibrahim Hood confirmed Suood’s resignation this Sunday.

DDCom is a presidential commission established by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in one of his first executive decisions upon assuming power in 2018. Suood, a prominent local attorney who had previously served as the Attorney General of Maldives, had served as the commission’s head.

DDCom, this year, released investigative reports on two of Maldives’ most high profile murders; the abduction and murder of journalist Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla in 2014, and the murder of prominent politician and scholar Dr. Afrasheem Ali in 2012.

The commission’s findings, which uncovered evidence of links between the murders and other crimes and local extremist groups, paved the path for amendments to the Counter-Terrorism Act.

Requests have also been made with the Prosecutor General’s Office for charges against several parties in connection to the findings.

DDCom’s most recently released investigative report had been on Dr. Afrasheem’s murder. The report was released in November, while Suood had been abroad, and he had promised to hold a press conference to provide a detailed explanation of the commission’s findings. However, the press conference was never held.

Suood’s resignation leaves the DDCom with four commissioners.