Aasandha opens new Customer Service Office

Aasandha Private Limited has opened a new Customer Service Office for providing improved services to the public.

Aasandha was created to facilitate free health care to every Maldivian citizen.

The new office, located on the third floor of STO Trade Centre, was opened by Health Minister Dr Ahmed Jamsheed Mohamed.

The ceremony was also attended by Chairman of NSPA Thorig Ali Luthfy, senior personnel of NSPA, Board of Directors of Aasandha and senior personnel and Board of Directors of Allied Insurance.

While speaking at the ceremony, Dr Jamsheed expressed hope that the new office would enable the provision of good services to the public. He said that Aasandha Private Limited is working relentlessly on improving the standard of its services.

“Aasandha Private Limited is working on improving services, making things easier for the public, creating awareness, simplifying the process of obtaining the service, and making information available to people on the balance of the different categories of their insurance packages,” he said.

Dr Jamsheed said that the major changes made to the Aasandha system by Aasandha Private Limited, technologically and otherwise, deserve praise.

The new Aasandha office has said that it would work with solving the problems faced by Aasandha customers abroad, medical evacuation issues, and checking insurance balance. It would also continue to provide the 24 hour call centre service.