People who marine litter to be identified in collaboration with councils and penalized

Minister of Climate Change, Environment and Energy Thoriq. (Photo/Ministry)

Minister of Climate Change, Environment and Energy Thoriq Ibrahim states preparations are underway to launch an initiative in collaboration with local councils to identify people who marine litter and penalize them under the stipulated laws.

Speaking at a press conference held by the Ministry on Wednesday, Minister Thoriq cited marine littering as an escalating issue.

The Minister, underscoring the law sets forth how waste accumulated on vessels should be discarded, said vessels, contradictory to the law, are found to be discarding their waste to the ocean and the beaches of islands.

“As a result of this, residents living in these islands are facing huge difficulties,” he added.

He emphasized that residents of islands are forced to take responsibility for the waste that washes up on their respective islands while waste management at islands is already not up to par.

Henceforth, the Minister said preparations are underway to penalize people who marine litter, as it is banned by the law.

He noted that these efforts will be carried out jointly with local councils.