Pres. Muizzu congratulates UK’s PM-elect and Labor Party following election win

UK’s Prime Minister-elect Keir Starmer.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has congratulated UK’s Prime Minister-elect Keir Starmer and the Labor Party following their landslide victory in the general elections.

The President, in his congratulatory post on X, expressed confidence that UK will see a new dawning of prosperity under Starmer’s leadership.

He also expressed eagerness to work closely to enhance the existing close ties between the UK and the Maldives and address global challenges.

Voting in UK’s general election kicked off at 11:00am Thursday morning, Maldivian time, and continued until 2:00am early Friday morning, Maldivian time.

As per the latest results, leftist Labor Party has swept over 410 seats out of the 650 seats in UK’s parliament, otherwise known as the House of Commons. Coming in second, the current ruling rightist Conservative Party secured just 121 seats, followed by the Liberal Democrats in third with 71 seats.

Following the election defeat, current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and leader of the Conservative Party has tendered his formal resignation to King Charles III.

Labor Party leader Starmer who will succeed Sunak as the prime minister, will be officially appointed by the King in a ceremony later today.