Group suspends dancer for shooting TikTok inside mosque

Local dance group ‘Dhandhaana’ has suspended one of their dancers, after she shot a TikTok of herself dancing inside a mosque in R. Meedhoo.

The TikTok is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the police.

According to a police spokesperson, the video was shot by a member of a dance group who went to Meedhoo to perform at the island’s Eid show.

In a statement on Sunday morning, ‘Dhandhaana’ group condemned the actions of the dancer.

They said the group played no part in her decision to shoot the TikTok.

The group added that since the act was committed during a work trip, they have decided to place the dancer under suspension, indefinitely.

The group also provided assurance that such actions will not be repeated by any of their members.

The Meedhoo Council, which reported the TikTok to the police, said they believe the dancer’s actions were in contempt of mosques.

They urged the police to investigate the case as a serious issue.

It is unclear exactly when the video was shot.