No getting even in politics, but action against crime: President

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu speaks at the ceremony held to launch People's National Congress (PNC)'s party office --

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu on Sunday evening, has assured the spirit of settling scores is no longer in politics, but taking necessary action will be taken indiscriminately against those committing criminal offenses.

The Maldives head of state made the remarks at the ceremony held to open the 'PNC House' - the ruling party's office at Henveiru.

While speaking at the ceremony, President Muizzu assured he has eliminated political score settling aligned with the public's wishes.

"As long as the public are with us, there will not be any spirit of exacting political retaliation," President Muizzu reiterated in his speech.

He further said there will be no room for corruption and theft during his presidency, assuring that justice will prevail. President Muizzu assured he will be proactive in taking action against those who commit such crimes.


During the ceremony held to open the PNC House -- Sun Photo/ Naish Nahid

Highlighting he will not tolerate abuse of power and illicit profiteering, President Muizzu said intervention to this should not be regarded as getting even but rather, upholding justice.

"So, we will take necessary action indiscriminately against those who lead state-owned enterprises or other agencies during former government after thorough investigations," President Muizzu commented.

While noting it has been seven months and five days since the new government came to power, President Muizzu said their output has been positive.

 Dr. Muizzu urged his party members and supporters to continue fighting and advocating the truth.

"I urge to use this avenue to disclose truth about the falsehood and lies spread by our opposition, whose only job appears to spreading lies and fallacies against us using various channels and mediums. I ask from you all to challenge such attempts and remain committed to the truth," President said.

PNC's new party office was opened in the same venue which previously housed opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s primary hub for years before the venue was later used by former President Mohamed Nasheed led The Democrats.

Though The Democrats had heightened presence ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections, its activities significantly diminished following back-to-back defeats at the elections.

Following its defeat, the party had no significant movement politically after which the ruling party took over the said party hub.