Lorry carrying excess passengers towed

The pickup, originally registered to Zone-B, was carrying passengers illegally en route to VIA when it was stopped and towed by Police on Wednesday -- Photo/ Ahmed Shifan, X

A lorry carrying passengers at an overcrowded capacity, was stopped by authorities en route to Velana International Airport (VIA) from Male' City.

Maldives Police Service has since towed the vehicle after stopping it.

The authority said it was traveling in Male' City illegally, and was originally registered to B-Zone, adding the annual fee of the lorry expired as well.

Police took similar action against two more lorries last Saturday, for carrying passengers illegally. The vehicles were traveling across Sinamale' Bridge when they were stopped.

Police also said one of the drivers in these two vehicles, had their license confiscated with the two vehicles impounded. 

Recently, a video on social media went viral which showed several construction workers coming out of a small pickup. The video sparked online concerns by many about the poor working conditions of expatriates.

Additionally, the authority had two 163 illegally parked vehicles from Male' City roads in June - which generally consisted of illegally parked four-wheelers, often parked in manners that disrupted the traffic flow.

With parking issues remaining a constant concern, more than 80,000 vehicles are registered to the Greater Male' area.

Meanwhile, public raise concern over recent police action in towing these vehicles despite lack of adequate parking areas in the city.