Lanka requests Maldives to relax remittances limit

Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer with Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabry at their bilateral discussion meeting during Zameer's recent official visit to Lanka --- Photo/ Foreign Ministry

Sri Lanka has requested the Maldives to revisit the limit imposed in foreign remittances sent by the island nation's migrant workers.

The request from Sri Lanka came as a move to ease restriction and increase inflow into the country.

A large number of Sri Lankans work in the Maldives in high executive jobs in the hospitality sectors and other areas with some earning aronud USD 3,000 worth montly salaries -mainly paid in Maldivian Rufiyaa.

The move was announced by Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabry following discussions held with his Maldivian counterpart Moosa Zameer, who recently flew to Lanka on an official trip.

"I also requested the Maldives side to consider to revist the current limit imposed on outward foreign currency remittances for the benefit of Sri Lankan migrant workers in Maldives," Sabry told a joint media briefing with Maldives Foreign Minister.

Sri Lankan workers in the Maldives have been sending their remittances via informal Undiyal method without channeling through official banking network.