Public should know the truth: Deputy Speaker

Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Dhangethi MP Ahmed Nazim -- Photo/ Parliament

Parliament Deputy Speaker and Dhiggaru MP Ahmed Nazim on Wednesday said priority should be given to the public and national interested, and not the party's agendas.

The Deputy Speaker made the remarks while speaking at the Public Accounts Committee of the parliament on Wednesday, where he said the public's trust was based upon the government's promises. He said the public has a right to know if state-promised initiatives are proceeding as per plan or otherwise.

"In this committee, we shouldn't be prioritizing the agendas of our parties, but the state's fiscal concerns," Nazim said.

He also asserted the importance of conveying the true conditions and status of the country and encourage them to face realities.

"The electoral season is now over, and as such, I want to ask the public to face the realities. Otherwise we have some stormy days ahead of us. A proper future can only be envisioned when Finance Ministry shows us an accurate picture."

Nazim further stressed the importance of mitigating the state's fiscal risks, to secure against government's bankruptcy and seek assistance from foreign allies on taking counter measures.

Recalling Sri Lankan state's 2022 bankruptcy, Nazim said foreign allies did not step up to provide support since the South Asian neighbor lacked necessary characteristics in accordance with the international standards in its economy.

Nazim said added that the Maldives' state should be equipped with respond to cautions from international financial institutions.

"Even right now, Pakistan's central bank has a deposit of USD 3 billion provided by Saudi Arabia exclusively to stablize foreign currency. But that was because they complied with the recommendations made by the World Bank and the IMF, as such we too need to know if there are any issues we need to rectify to become applicable for such concessions."

The Public Accounts Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved to summon the Minister of Finance Dr. Mohamed Shafeeq to the committee for questioning.