Ministry confirms textbooks provided to all schools

Students attending a local school; the Ministry of Education earlier said more than 96,000 students will be attending schools across Maldives in the new academic year -- Sun Photo

Ministry of Education on Saturday has confirmed delivering textbooks to all the schools across Maldives.

While the new academic year began on Sunday last week, some of the local schools complained they had not received textbooks.

In response, the Deputy Education Minister Hussain Saeed spoke with 'Sun' confirming all of the schools have received textbooks now.

Some of the schools earlier spoke with 'Sun' noting they had to collect textbooks from former students to ensure the new enrolments received the required textbooks before academic new year began.

Education Ministry's Deputy however, confirmed that none of the old textbooks were provided to any of the schools.

Despite confirmation from the ministry on providing textbooks, some parents are still complaining that they had not received all the mandatory textbooks for their kids.

The ministery had previously notified of experiencing logistical challenges in delivering textbooks due to bad weather conditions.

Meanwhile, Minister of Education Dr. Ismail Shafeeu previously said that some there had been a shortage of textbooks since the contract with the publishers had expired earlier.

The ministry had also said that over 96,000 students will be attending to schools all across Maldives this year.