Falah: Parliament’s committees to be incepted before June 2nd

PNC’s parliamentary group leader, Inguraidhoo MP Ibrahim Falah speaks at a press conference on May 28, 2024. (Photo/People's Majlis)

PNC’s parliamentary group leader, Inguraidhoo MP Ibrahim Falah states works related to the appointment of chairpersons and members will be completed by next Sunday, June 2nd.

The 20th parliamentary assembly was sworn in on Tuesday in its inaugural sitting.

Speaking at a press conference following the sitting, Falah responded to a question posed by a journalist regarding the appointment of chairpersons to parliamentary committees. Underscoring that chairpersons and members that will be appointed to committees have yet to be decided, Falah said discussions in this trajectory were presently underway.

“We decided at the parliament today that appointment of members to committees will be completed before June 2nd,” he said.

Falah’s remarks come after rumors that discussions took place regarding the appointment of members to some parliamentary committees during a PNC parliamentary group meeting held on Monday.

A PNC parliamentary group member confirmed to Sun that the discussions took place during Monday’s meeting. In this regarding, the member detailed discussions were held regarding the appointment of Jumhoory Party’s leader, Maamigili MP Qasim Ibrahim as the chairperson of Public Accounts Committee, who had previously served in the post.

The member further said it was decided that Eydhafushi MP Ahmed Saleem will be appointed the chairperson of the Committee on National Security Services (241 Committee). Meanwhile, Baarah MP Ibrahim Shujau, who secured the greatest number of votes in the election, is to be appointed the chairperson of the State-Owned Enterprises Committee and Manadhoo MP Husnee Mubarak is to be appointed chairperson of the Judiciary Committee.

Earlier, the parliamentary group had passed to appoint Fonadhoo MP Abdul Raheem Abdulla and Dhiggaru MP Ahmed Nazim as speaker and deputy speaker of the parliament respectively. They were elected for the posts during a secret ballot at Tuesday’s sitting.

The 20th parliamentary consists of 93 lawmakers out of which 75 members belong to PNC, granting the ruling party supermajority.