Strong winds bring trees down on parked vehicles

Strong winds brought down a number of trees on top of idle motorbikes in the parking lot in front of Sindhitha in Henveiru district, Male' City on Saturday evening, May 25, 2024 --

A number of trees fell due to strong winds causing damages to motorbikes in the parking lot in front of Sindhitha, in Henveiru district of Male' City on Saturday evening.

Male' City Council said it Maldives Police Service had instructed to remove the trees from the parking lot, and added it was clearing the area.

The council authority further confirmed there were no injuries reported from the incident, but added that a number of motorbikes parked in the lot had been damaged from fallen trees.

Police was assessing damages to the parked bikes, the council authority added.

There have been a number of similar cases due to the current weather conditions across Maldives. A similar case of a falling tree causing damage to both a traveling and parked bikes.

City Council had earlier cautioned public to ensure safety during stormy weather.