Wall collapse on 10-year-old boy at Kandoodhoo

An aerial view of Th. Kandoodhoo. (Photo/Facebook)

A 10-year-old boy sustained injuries after a wall collapsed on him at Th. Kandoodhoo.

Ksndoodhoo Council’s Vice President Ilyas Mahmood said the incident occurred at approximately 5:30pm this evening, while the boy was returning after playing outside.

According to Ilyas, the boy sustained injuries to various extents to his legs, hands and face, adding the most severe injuries were sustained to his ankles.

While the boy is being presently treated at Kandoodhoo Health Centre, Ilyas said he is not in serious condition.

However, he stressed that internal injuries could not be confirmed at this time, as the necessary tests are unavailable at the health centre. Moreover, it is not possible to transport the boy to another location due to severe weather, he added.

Also on Friday evening, the safety fence built around one of the Apollo towers under construction in Hulhumale’ was blown off during heavy rains and strong winds. Videos circulating on social media show the safety fence being blown off during heavy rain and strong winds and falling towards the road, where vehicles are seen passing. No injuries were reported in the incident.