Giraavaru land recipients receive new chance to switch to Gulhifalhu

Land reclaimed from Gulhifalhu. (Photo/Minister Muthalib)

The residents of Male’ who were awarded land from Giraavaru Falhu under the 2023 ‘Binveriya’ housing scheme have been given another opportunity to apply to switch to Gulhifalhu.

The incumbent administration, citing lack of space in Giraavaru Falhu, opened applications to switch land plots from Giraavaru Falhu to Gulhifalhu in April.

In the April 7 announcement, the Housing Ministry said 1,347 plots would be switched to Gulhifalhu, including 193 plots of 1,250 square feet, 663 plots of 1,650 square feet, 487 plots of 2,050 square feet and four plots of 2,450 square feet.

The applications closed on April 18.

In an announcement late on Saturday, the Housing Ministry said that following a review of the applications, it has adjusted the land use plan and increased land in two categories; 1,250 square feet plots and 1,650 square feet plots.

As such, applications have now opened for three additional 1,250 square feet plots, and six additional 1,650 square feet plots.

Applications close at 11:00 pm on May 13.

The requests must be made through the ‘Gedhoruverin’ portal.

Over 9,000 applicants were awarded land from Gulhifalhu, Giraavaru Falhu and Hulhumale’ under the ‘Binveriya’ scheme.