Siyam requests council majority to MDA for progress

MDA leader and Meedhoo MP-elect Ahmed Siyam Mohamed visited Dh. Rinbudhoo as part of his ongoing tour of the constituency to celebrate his victory at the recently held parliamentary election -- Sun Photo/ Aman

Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) President and Meedhoo MP-elect Ahmed Siyam Mohamed has requested his constituency on Saturday, to support and elect the party's contenders in the upcoming Local Council election.

In the recently held parliamentary election for the 20th Parliament Assembly, Siyam emerged with a landslide victory securing Meedhoo constituency seat at the parliament for the fifth time in a row.

The MDA leader is currently on tour visiting the islands of his constituency to express gratitude for re-electing him. He visited Dhaalu atoll Rinbudhoo on Saturday.

While speaking with Rinbudhoo locals, Siyam said his re-election for a fifth time is testament to the public's confidence in him in delivering upon his pledges to the constituency.

He then requested the public to elect MDA members for the five seats of the island's council in the Local Council election, stating it was aligned with his vision to introduce revenue streams by utilizing the island's natural resources including its land.

 "We need to reap the benefit and generate income by utilizing the natural resources of the island, which we can achieve with the public's support. I request the public to put efforts now to elect MDA members to the island's five councilor seats. To elect councilors who would listen and respect my counsel," Siyam commented.

Siyam also said he visioned for Rinbudhoo to become recognized for its talented artisans in hand craft work, and encourage its youth and students to become skilled artisans.

"Do not give too many holidays to students, that would only hamper their studies," the MDA leader added.

Siyam expressed his gratitude to Rinbudhoo public for their efforts in re-electing him for the fifth time.