SSTV opens opportunity for Eid-ul-Adha partnership

During last year's Eid-al-Ad'ha celebrations --

SSTV has opened the opportunity to partner with the channel for the Eid-ul-Ad'ha festivities of the Islamic calendar year 1445.

The broadcaster on Sunday, confirmed it has opened the chance for interested parties to submit requests, which can be sent via mail at [email protected].

By partnering up with the broadcast channel, local islands have the chance for their celebratory activities to be broadcast through SSTV.

Besides recording the celebratory activities, SSTV promises to provide help to the partners in organizing and executiving the activities through discussions.

The participating islands will receive the event's full coverage recording after Eid, according to SSTV.

The channel broadcast the festivities and celebratory activities of Baa atoll Dharavandhoo and Raa atoll Meedhoo in 2023 as well.

This year, Eid-al-Ad'ha coincides with June 17th, 2024.