SSTV’s Senior Citizen Quran Competition: Umrah trip for winner

SSTV’s Senior Citizen Quran Competition: Umrah trip for winner.

SSTV has opened entries for the brand new Quran competition hosted by the TV channel for this Ramadan, ‘SSTV Senior Citizen Quran Recitation Competition 1445”.

Any person above the age of 65 who is interested in recitating of Quran, including those living in Maldives and abroad.

Commenting on the competition, SSTV’s Chief Content Officer Mohamed Zaheen underscored recitation of the Holy Quran as a good habit, especially among local senior citizens.

He cited the biggest purpose of holding the competition as encouraging the young generation by showcasing the skills and interest of senior citizens for reciting Quran.

“We urge all youths in households to assist their mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers to participate in this competition. It will be a huge encouragement for them,” he said.

The winner of the competition will win a free Umrah trip.

The competition can be entered by messaging IR (Space) Name, Age and Island to 2747.

Participants will be required to send a video of themselves reciting Quran in accordance with the stipulated rules.

Interested applicants can SMS to participate in the competition before Ramadan.


Upon sending the SMS, SSTV will contact the participant with further details.