Telegram crime network: Female suspect’s remand extended by 15 days

Remand of female suspect arrested in connection to major local crime network operating via Telegram extended.

The remand of the woman arrested in connection to the major crime network operating via Telegram has been extended by 15 days.

Police, in an earlier statement,  they investigated the following Telegram channels; ‘Jazeera Admin’, ‘Jazeera Girls’ and ‘Jazeera Link Khabar’.

As per the Police, the channels have been in operation since April of last year. They made two arrests following their investigation; a 28-year-old Maldivian man and a 39-year-old Maldivian woman.

Police, following the expiration of the woman’s remand, requested an extension. At a hearing held on Friday, the woman, citing she is employed, requested to expedite and conclude the investigation at the earliest. The court extended her remand by 15 days. 

While the remand of the man arrested have yet to expire, Police arrested an additional man – a 60-year-old Maldivian – in connection to the case on March 30th.  As per the Police, he is the driver of a taxi used to facilitate a prostitution racket run via one of the Telegram channels.

In a press conference on March 17, the police said they were investigating Telegram channels used for criminal transactions including prostitution and drug trafficking. According to the police, the channels had over 7,000 followers.

They identified the channel as the largest ever operated in the Maldives to date, which includes both locals and foreigners.