Vilimale' buggies break down, councilors upset

People drive a buggy in Vilimale'. (Photo/Destination Guides)

Male' City Council on Thursday, announced it intends to procure new buggies after seven out of the ten operational at Vilimale' broke down recently.

The council launched electric buggy services in the village island officially on April 03rd, 2023.

At the 142nd general meeting of the council, the members discussed over buggy services. The members all highlighted only three buggies remain funcitional with the service requiring procurement of seven more to replace the now decommissioned ones.

Central-Machchangolhi member of the council, Ahmed Zameer, while proposing to buy new buggies had emphasized the now non-functional ones broke down owing to non-availability of spare parts. He added acquiring spare parts for the buggies were challenging since the vehicles were unauthentic.

He emphasized the new buggies, planned for purchase, must be of better quality.

"The new buggies should be of good quality, durable and beneficial to the public," Zameer commented.

Zameer further stressed the council members should be able to assess the quality of the new buggies before they are procured. He added the buggies should only be brought for operation after they are endorsed by the members.

North-Galolhu MP Mohamed Saif Fathih added that the new buggies should not be ornamental, emphasizing that the public's tax would be utilized in procuring the vessels.

Buggy services commenced during President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's tenure as the city's Mayor.

The council back then, procured and commissioned 10 buggies which included general vessels and those fit for cargo carrying or logistical needs, and to carry patients.

Additionally, the passenger-carrying buggies came in four-seater, six-seater and 12-seater arrangements.