Court orders PSM pay over EUR 39k for election software

The election coverage special of PSM broadcast during the 2018 presidential election --

Civil Court has ordered Public Service Media (PSM) to pay EUR 39,750 for the software used to broadcast the 2018 presidential election.

PSM rented Wisdom Television - Informaticos Para Televiso LDA's "Augmented Reality" software for 24 hours to broadcast the election results in 2018.

The parties entered to the contract on August 27th, 2018 with PSM agreeing to pay a sum total of EUR 72,500.

On February 23rd, 2023, Wisdom Television filed a lawsuit with the Civil Court since PSM failed to pay 50% of the software's price (EUR 36,250).

Additionally, Wisdom Television agreed with PSM to extend the staff duration in Maldives, for which it sought another EUR 3,500. In total, Wisdom sought EUR 39,750 for the outstanding amount it was owed.

In response, PSM argued the amount claimed by Wisdom Television was not owed to the company, and that the local broadcaster had rented the 'augmented reality' software.

Furthermore, PSM accused Wisdom Television had fraudulently rented out the software significantly higher than the market price. The broadcaster further argued it never agreed for the extra charge of 3,500 to retain Wisdom's staff in Maldives for technical assistance.

However, PSM had failed prove Wisdom Television's alleged misrepresentation while the court had found the broadcaster's argument against paying the amount insufficient.

Civil Court in its verdict held that it was a legal duty for the parties to a contract to adhere to it without ill intent in fulfilling the terms agreed by each party.

The court ordered PSM to pay the claimed amount of EUR 39,750 to Wisdom Television before May 14th, 2024.