President: Will transform Gan into a strong medical hub with medical tourism

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu addresses the community in L. Gan on April 12, 2024. (Photo/President's Office)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu states his administration will transform L. Gan into a strong medical hub with the introduction of medical tourism.

Speaking at a meeting with Gan residents on Friday, President Muizzu reiterated a pledge he had made earlier; to develop Gan Regional Hospital as a highest-class tertiary hospital. He announced that efforts have been commenced in this trajectory, initiated by Gan Council.

He also reiterated another pledge he made earlier; to develop an international mental healthcare hospital in Gan. Underscoring tourism can be comprehensively implemented on the island, the President said the mental healthcare hospital in Gan will be developed in line with medical tourism.

“As tourism can be implemented on a large scale in this atoll, it has been decided that the mental hospital will be developed by establishing a link to tourism. Alongside upgrading the [regional] hospital to a highest-class tertiary hospital, this island, by the will of Almighty, will be transformed into a strong medical hub,” he said.

Speaking further, President Muizzu announced that Gan will have the most housing projects in comparison to other housing projects implemented across the country. 

“The development of 100 housing units is the project that has been commenced. Our policy has much more in the pipeline. This island will have some of the largest share of the 40,000 housing units we plan to develop across the nation throughout these five years,” he said.

The President, strongly criticizing former administrations for neglecting Gan, affirmed his administration would change this.