Building where fire broke out last night to be demolished

MNDF's Fire and Rescue active on the site of a fire incident at M. Rabeeu Villa on April 10, 2024. (Sun Photo)

Minister of Cities, Local Government and Public Works Adam Shareef Umar states demolition of the building where a large fire broke out on Wednesday night will commence very soon.

A large fire broke at the fourth floor of M. Rabeeu Villa in Keneree Magu on Wednesday night. Although no one was injured, the building was significantly damaged in the fire.

Minister Shareef, in a post on X later last night, said the extremely worn-out building at the verge of falling apart had been vacant at the time of the fire.

He added that efforts to demolish the building will commence soon following discussions with the relevant government authorities in order to prevent an incident that could result in harm to road users.

MNDF said the fire was reported to the authority at approximately 20:19pm on Wednesday night following which firefighters were immediately dispatched to the scene. They added that the fire was controlled within 30 minutes of the report; henceforth at approximately 21:12pm.