CCTV aid measures against litterers

Male' City Council fines a public litterer -- Photo/ City Council

Male' City Council reports taking action against individuals who litter to public spaces.

Public littering cases surged ahead of Ramadan, with old furniture, wood piles, and other garbage discarded to the curbside of roads and alleys.

With mounting complaints from members of the public, Male' City Council on Thursday, said they have now begun summoning and fining litterers, and noted the authority's Community Engagement Unit worked with Maldives Police Service had summoned on such litterer and took action against them.

The council adds litterers will be fined with MVR 500.

Male' City Mayor Adam Azim meanwhile, claims the authority has cleaned 305.65 tons of waste from the city in the past 18 days, and added 42 tons of waste were disposed on Wednesday alone.

The council further adviced the public to maintain cleanliness of the city and public spaces.