Ministry threatens to suspend license for traveling from channels occupied for bridge works

Thilamale' Bridge construction ongoing near Vilimale'. (Photo/Afcons)

Transport Ministry, on Monday, has threatened to suspend the licenses of vessels traveling from the channels between Male’ and Vilimale’ and Vilimale’ and Gulhifalhu.

Prior to this, the Ministry, on various occasions, has instructed vessels against traveling through those routes while the construction work of Thilamale’ Bridge is underway.

Nevertheless, vessels continue to travel through these routes. The Ministry particularly noted that these routes are frequented by speedboats belonging to various resorts.

Therewith, the Ministry states they will be suspending the licenses of vessels found traveling through these channels in violation of the ban for a period of one month.

The travel ban on the routes is in place to prevent any accidents normal vessels may face as larger vessels utilized for bridge works have been anchored in the area using large numbers of buoys and ropes.

Just recently, two speedboats that traveled through Vilimale’ channel collided in a dangerous accident that resulted in serious injuries to several people.