Pres: Stability possible by achieving control

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu -- (Photo/ President's Office)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu on Sunday evening, March 03, 2024, has said the custom of placing foreign powers at the pedestal to control Maldivian livelihood must come to an end to achieve stable, free, and sustainable living.

He made the remarks while speaking with the public of Raa atoll Inguraidhoo, and affirmed his administration's commitment to bring an end to external influence.

"God willing, these things will be achieved," President Dr. Muizzu reassured.

President Dr. Muizzu promised to mount up efforts on achieving complete sovereign control of the Maldivian borders. He also added that he had clear vision of the citizens' requirements and needs.

While highlighting the 2024 state budget does not provide ample room to launch new developmental initiatives, President Dr. Muizzu said his government has prioritized increasing revenue streams to offset this.

He further asserted positive strides have been made in overcoming economic challenges and mitigate risks.

"These have already been noted and acknowledged by relevant international agencies. God willing, the public will bear witness to the fruits of our labor," Dr. Muizzu promised.

While President Dr. Muizzu has assured to bring an end to external influence, the current administration earlier alleged opposition's motives in rejecting three of the cabinet ministers were propagated by foreign entities.