Solih alleges president’s influence in Sunday parliament election date

Main opposition MDP’s advisor, former president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaks at a gathering on March 1, 2024. (Photo/MDP)

Main opposition MDP’s advisor, former president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has alleged the influence of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu in the Elections Commission (EC)’s decision to hold the parliamentary election on April 21st.

EC, on Thursday night, convened for an emergency meeting after President Muizzu ratified the bill which bans holding national elections during Ramadan, during which they decided to move back the election date, initially slated for March 17th – the first week of Ramadan – to April 21st.

Speaking at a gathering at MDP’s party centre on Friday night – Solih accused President Muizzu of initially withholding ratification to the bill in order to hold the election in Ramadan.

He cited undue influence on EC as what is being witnessed at present despite the ratification of the bill at the advice of the Attorney General. In this trajectory, he alleged President Muizzu’s influence in EC’s decision to hold the parliamentary election on a Sunday, which is not a public holiday.

Solih said voting in all major elections is held on public holidays to ensure the opportunity for the greatest number of people to vote.

The former president called upon EC members against bowing down to influence, pointing out that the commission is an independent institution.

Speaking further, Solih said all of President Muizzu’s actions point towards a cruel rule. Hence, he urged against giving the government majority in the parliament.

Underscoring that MDP is contesting for all constituencies with the exception of four – Solih appealed to the public to vote for the party’s candidates. He also urged party members to work in unison in light of the fact they have not formed a coalition.