President: Hulhumale’ needs massive hospital upgrade, new medical facility

Hulhumale' Hospital. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu says that Hulhumale’ needs a massive upgrade to the existing government hospital, and also needs an additional medical facility.

On the Q&A platform ‘Raeesge Javaab’ on Tuesday, Mohamed Riyaz, a resident of Hulhumale’, expressed concern over the quality of medical services provided by the Hulhumale’ Hospital.

“Hulhumale’ Hospital remains the same state as it was before. There are now around 100,000 people living in Hulhumale’. Call for an appointment for an orthopedist and there are some 500 to 800 people in the waitlist. President, what is your opinion regarding this?” he asked.

President Muizzu responded that strengthening the healthcare system in the Male’ region is a top priority for his administration.

He said that his administration has initiated efforts to upgrade the Hulhumale’ Hospital, along with the Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), Dharumavantha Hospital, and Vilimale’ Hospital.

He acknowledged the need to upgrade the Hulhumale’ Hospital.

“The issues you just mentioned regarding Hulhumale’ Hospital will be resolved. Given that it is serving so many people, the Hulhumale’ Hospital needs a massive upgrade. [Hulhumale’] also needs an additional hospital,” he said.

He said that efforts to strengthen the country’s healthcare system was going ahead at a fast pace.

President Muizzu’s administration has decided to relocate the planned cancer hospital from L. Gan to Male’, and to build a thalassemia hospital, and an additional hospital near Dharumavantha.