MFDA declares Panadol safe for consumption


Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA) has declared Panadol – a common over-the-counter pain medication – safe for consumption following tests prompted by quality concerns.

MFDA, on January 30th, ordered a halt in the consumption and sale of Panadol and restricted the medication’s import as they ran further tests following the discovery of quality issues during qualitative and quantitative tests run on random samples taken from the market.

Back then, MFDA said that there are high chances that such tablets would not be effective.

The authority, on Thursday, said they have received the results of the additional tests which confirms that the medication has the strength required of it.

MFDA attributed the quality concerns they had discovered to failure to follow proper standards during storage and movement. The particular stock of Panadol in question has now been removed from the market, they added.

Therewith, the authority has greenlighted the sale and consumption of Panadol, effective of today.

However, they urged concerned parties to uphold the required standards during storage and movement of medication to avoid the repetition of such an incident.