President: Flats to be reserved for resort workers in scheme that will be announced next

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu chairs a cabinet meeting. (Photo/President's Office)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has expressed hope to commence a special housing scheme for tourism sector within this year, adding flats will be reserved for tourism sector workers in the next housing scheme that will be announced by his administration.

He made the remark while responding to Thoha Hussain from R. Meedhoo who had expressed concern regarding housing for tourism sector workers on the ‘Raees ge Javaabu’ series on Wednesday; a platform that enables the public to get direct responses to their queries and concerns from the President. 

“During your presidential campaign, you have stated that housing for tourism sector workers will be arranged through your manifesto. When will work pertaining to this commence?” Thoha had asked.

Responding to the concern, President Muizzu noted that his administration allocates a special priority for youths working in the tourism sector. He went on to reveal his cabinet’s decision to implement a special housing scheme for Maldivians working in the tourism sector.

“We have commenced many works in this trajectory. This will be included in housing units for which the development is set to commence at the earliest. Hoping to see its commencement within this year,” he said.

He also affirmed his administration's intention to utilize the ideas of youths and seek their consultation to further develop the tourism sector.

Commencing a housing project specific for tourism sector workers early into his administration is an electoral pledge of President Muizzu. He has also pledged to incept a retirement pension fund for workers in the tourism sector.