Fuvahmulah airport to be expanded to accommodate jets

Fuvahmulah City. (Photo/Facebook/Fuvahmulah Airport)

Regional Airports Company Limited (RACL) has engaged in discussions with the Fuvahmulah City Council regarding expanding the southern city’s airport to accommodate private jets.

The expansion of the Fuvahmulah Airport is one of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s electoral pledges.

According to RACL, the project to expand the airport will involve:

  • Re-orientation of the runway
  • Expansion of the runway to accommodate jets
  • Expansion of the apron to create a designated parking space for jets
  • Establishment of jet fueling facilities
  • Establishment of an aviation school

RACL’s managing director Ahmed Mubeen told the Public Service Media (PSM) that given Fuvahmulah’s ecological significance, the company does not plan on reclaiming the lagoon in order to expand the airport’s runway.

He said that the only viable option left is to change the orientation of the runway, and that the company is engaged in discussions with the council regarding how to get it done.

Mubeen said that the masterplan for the airport also includes the establishment of tourist facilities.

He said that 200 tourist beds will be developed in vacant lands adjacent to the airport, and that the RACL also discussed it with the council.

The Fuvahmulah Airport, which was opened in 2011, currently has a runway stretching 1,200 meters. According to RACL, the runway will be expanded to between 1,600 and 1,800 meters under the project.