Education Minister: Nationalism to be taught in three weeks, pilot-wise

Education MInister Dr Ismail Shafeeu. (Photo/Education MInistry)

Education Minister Dr. Ismail Shafeeu says teaching of nationalism will commence for fourth graders in three weeks, pilot-wise.

In an interview to state media on Monday night – Minister Shafeeu revealed the government’s decision to conduct a pilot program before nationalism is officially included in the school curriculum.

As per the Minister, the pilot nationalism teaching content has been prepared.

Therewith, Minister Shafeeu said the pilot program will be implemented for fourth graders in three weeks at the latest.

The Minister, noting how much nationalism-related content is included in other subjects of the curriculum has been identified, said teaching nationalism through these subjects will proceed as usual.

Speaking further, Minister Shafeeu said there is a plunge in the number of teachers in the Maldives, particularly for the subjects Islam and Dhivehi.

In light of this, he announced the government’s decision to conduct a national-level program for school leavers – both O’ Level and A’ Level – through which teachers will be trained. He said the government hopes the shortage of teachers will somewhat be resolved through this program.